Let Me Be Your Ruler

the life maxi dress - Killstar
It's hard not to be inspired by Cleopatra...and it's hard not to wanna go even thicker with the winged eyeliner when slipping on this wonderful maxi dress by Killstar :) In reality, I get a lot of my own beauty regime ideas from Egyptian culture. I can't say I ever leave the house without signature onyx lines gracefully flaring away from my eyelids....and paired with a bold brow and precisely angled bob...you could say, I walk like an Egyptian like it's my job. Cleopatra was kind of a bad ass of her time, and well, in the history of our fucking planet. In a male dominated society she ruled like a bitch on a mission, and that's something anyone can respect. 
Happy Wednesday, babes!


Feed the Soul, Not the Ego

'Ello! After years of shooting in typical "on-location" and somewhat orchestrated makeshift studios, I figured it was time to shoot in my most comfortable setting. I feel most myself sitting in a sea of pillows or on the floor, working away at photo-sets and graphic work..casually balancing a hefty energizing dose of coffee and killer beats. And my glasses, which never really makes it beyond my own walls, or work, but shit...I'd be dodging and burning like a senile blind man without them :) AND CUPCAKES.duh.
So this is kind of a cross between a snazzy contemporary boudoir..and the actual reality of my editing environment :) Of course, a cylon swimsuit is quite possibly the coziest of garments amidst the week long 90 degree heat we've been catching in Seattle. Like, really, it's hotter than blazes...and if you are wearing pants when you don't have to....it's time we have a talk. 
I was able to shoot this quick set in the 20 mins it took to do a software update on my computer, which is the only way I know how to multi-task lately :) I posted earlier this week about the weird vacancy of not being able to shoot large scale editorials anymore...which has been both a struggle and an incredible life lesson. When it comes to my own creative ideas and process in photography, I like to make my own rules. Clients are cool, but clients can also be a bitch. As much as I barely have the time to shoot anything these days, it's given me absolute creative freedom within my own personal work, which is something most people dream of as a photographer. To have the ability to put forth work that feeds my own creative soul, rather than fulfill the needs of a hasty client job...that's bliss. When you rid yourself of worrying about being associated with the big names and focus more on your own big ideas, it's like rebirth. 
Now, let me say this. Rebirth doesn't mean you get to run around glueing feathers to your head because you can. In my case, rebirth is working all week and then carefully finding convenient weekend gaps to produce quality work. Just as in Spiderman, when Peter Parker got the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" line from uncle Ben...this is kind of the same deal. Creative talent is power. It's a big deal to have it, but it's important to be realistic. If you aspire to glue feathers to your head, or photograph trees, or buildings, and you have no constant client itching for that, be real. I don't work my ass off working full time every week to waste my weekends on photo-work that doesn't speak volumes about what goes on in my head. It's all about balance, knowing who you are, and making things work. 
Happiness to me, is a comfy safe-haven filled with pillows, cupcakes, strong coffee, and my less than reliable laptop. It's a job during the week that challenges you in design, and a slice in time on weekends to experiment and feed the soul, not the ego. So, here I sit, on my blankies, writing a fucking novel to y'all:) HAPPY SATURDAY! :) XOXO
And the cylon suit is by Jeffie.com but you can't have it because it's all sold out...wah wuh...
go buy some leggings instead, silly! 


Come back to me, Camera

I run into the best kind of people on Sundays. Exhibit A ...^
Hey guys!
This is kind of another mish-mash of my daily life, until I can actually get a decent amount of time to shoot fashion photography again. There's nothing more truly fulfilling and creatively invigorating thing for me to do than put together shoots from start to finish, and not having enough time to do so has been my biggest bummer lately. It's been such a part of me and my self expression that to lose it has felt like a death. It's ironic I suppose, considering that I've gradually grown to hate the fashion industry, except for that small corner of the market that is an art form within itself. That's what originally drove me into photography, is capturing the weirdness that dwelled amongst the common crowds of cardigans and rompers...like plastic dress with metal spikes coming out the sides and shoes bigger than a small child...it's an art form that bridges the gap between the human body and functional sculpture. That, I miss being a part of. Of course, we all make sacrifices to grow as people. My only hope is that I can grab enough time in my daily hustle to put together a pictorial that awakens that dormant creative crevasse that yearns to be awoken. The good news is that I have a little pile of garments just waiting to be shot and styled. I've been waking up to it everyday and literally going "I WANT TO SHOOT YOU NOW" and then I'm like "FUCK I HAVE TIME TO BRUSH MY TEETH AND THAT'S IT!" I did a mini test shoot but ran out of time...but here's a few of the keepers until I can really shoot everything...



There's a silver tree down the street that needed to be photographed for the simple fact that it's metallic perfection perched right in the middle of a busy city. Sometimes life goes by so fast we forget to stop and look at the details, the spaces, the people who inhabit our lives. And you better believe when a big chrome tree is popping straight out of the ground, I recognize these things! :)
that's all y'all! have a super day :)


Be A Warrior not a Worrier

Two of the most iconic faces in both fashion and hollywood right now..also two of my favorite editorial shots of all time. People are usually quick to judge someone for showing...gasp...a bare back..or flash some side thigh...which is pretty sad. Both Cara and Angelina embody an intoxicating sense of power not only with their work but their ability to not give a fuck. In society there is an extreme conflict with the way media portrays what we as women should be. Ads tell us to wear a certain dress to make us more attractive, or buy the latest foundation to hide our natural flaws. We go out into the world trying to place all of these expectations onto ourselves and for what? When I was living in LA the most disturbing and confusing feeling was the fact that I knew who I was, dressed the way I wanted (which was not to please anyone but myself) and ended up in fear of my own safety just to go walk to Target. It's a society that tells us to be this, be yourself, and by gawd, once we are able to look in the mirror and consider ourselves worthy according to present beauty standards we face harrassment by certified creepy men. It's like you could walk down the street naked and get the exact same treatment.
My point to all of this is... the world has gone a bit topsy turvy. We get just as uncomfortable fully clothed walking down the street as we would posing with a little skin showing in a photograph. Either way people are potentially making you feel like shit. Instagram put the ban-hammer on the likes of Rihanna for showing a nip. A young mother's account got deleted because she posted a picture of her baby...yes baby...lifting up her tiny floral dress to look at her rain boots...where..gasp...she flashed her stomach and diaper. What's appropriate anymore? Is bare back and side boob sin? Or is walking down the street in a gorgeous blue swing dress in heels just asking for trouble? I raise this issue because it's been in the media for the past month. The whole #yesallwomen trend...well let's try a new one..#yesallhumans. Yes, all humans have the right to be whoever they are. Yes all humans deserve respect. And yes, all humans, not matter what gender, need to learn a lesson in manners. Today, we stand as a nation in the midst of a war, when in fact, the war and fear is alive and well on city streets.
All in all, all humans should have the ability to not give a fuck, wear what they want, show what they want, and be a warrior of human capability and moral respect. I took a spin at a shoot inspired by the above two images, because they embody power, not sex or glamour or aesthetic standards. Because if I get the same amount of bullshit for wearing a nice dress in real life, bring on the bullshit about my exposed back and sides. Know who you are and take no bullshit. As for me, I refuse to become anything less than the amazing person I'm capable of...which includes a nutso strength training regime to potentially kick ass if anyone tries to stop me.
Happy Monday y'all!
Stay true, and kick ass.  


Summer Wanders

I can't say I miss the weird smells and mass quantity of hobos in LA...because now that I'm in such a beautiful town...the city of "angels" (more like a-holes ;)) is the farthest thing from my mind. Seattle has a crazy cool mix of downtown and then you turn around and BAM!! ..the waterfront takes your breath away...and as someone who loves the water but despises beaches...it's really fabulous. The big flying space ship that is the Space Needle is hard to avoid when taking pictures, I must say. That little bugger was like Waldo hiding in almost all my shots. Anyways, I ran around like an idiot taking pictures since I never have time to take it in during the week. And this Holy Cannoli place down the street from me completed my perfect day. Sugar usually does that :) 
So yahh, my weekend was a cool mash up of sci-fi, photo adventures, sculptures...a fun little test shoot, which I have a preview of below...and uhhh, laundry. Hope everyone had just as much fun! :) 


The vortex

It's hard to even describe how much I've longed to go to this damn museum....but finally my ass made it's way straight into the EMP and I loved every minute of it :) The building itself is lovely. It's like drunk slices of metal doing the wave. Inside is like a candyland of everything that is good in life...and by this I mean...I walked ten steps in, and there was a giant gift shop filled with Lego Star Wars...as well as kick ass exhibits. My favorite...obviously...sci-fi section....DROOL WORTHY...GIMME ALL THE THINGS....but really...I had to resist the urge of smothering displays with my grabby hands. Beyond classic movie props and custumes, the entire space has this faint and beautiful glow to it. It's dark as fuck but the lighting makes the building come alive in a way that I've never seen accomplished in any museum setting. What's the coolest...is that this is 10 mins from my apartment...no big deal!
So ya....these are pictures from todays adventures and tomorrow, we have another cool set coming...along with a new shoot...HOLLA!