sweet sheezus

Addams Velvet Dress - Kill Star
Coffin Handbag - Kill Star
Hat - H&M
Mary Janes - Guess by Marciano
I sound like a broken record when I proclaim my adoration for Wednesday Addam's style...but she's just that perfect combo of cute and evil. This dress screams "hey, I'm kind of adorable but I'll cast a fucking spell on you." Kill Star is literally making fashion dreams a reality with their soft velvet dress, and fantastic coffin handbag.
I'll be posting a few more dark and dreamy looks with Kill Star later this week, as well as a new set for the fashion heroine series :) Stay tuned!



Hey Y'all!
These are some of my fav oddball shots, mostly recent pics, some experimental work...you know...typical superhero on fashion steroids stuff ;) 
I firmly believe in dressing like a superhero every damn day of your life, if possible. Obviously in some cases, dress code overrides...or if you live in a town full of creeps...that presents challenges...but as human beings our daily struggles and accomplishments deserve at least a bad ass cape hiding in our closet. My goal since last summer has been to do a huge-mungous series of superhero inspired avant garde fashion editorials...and it's basically going to be a year long project do to other commitments, but my hope is to really fuse my two greatest visual influences, movies and high fashion, into a dynamic modern day interpretation of heroism within our constricting society.... That being said, Project Fashion Heroine is in full swing, and expected to be complete *crossing fingers* by November 2014. I wanted to get it out by the summer but I'm a busy bitch:)
In other news, music news...I'm sitting on my hands patiently awaiting the new Iggy Azalea album...the snippets are bad ass so waiting another week is hell and a half. Luckily SOHN's album rocks my socks enough to dull the pain of waiting:)


Lessons in Society and Sandwich's

Hey Lovelies!
This is a little bit of a mash up of this weeks various shenanigans, which consisted of running around Beverly Hills as a Cylon, trying the infamous Egg Slut egg sandwich's, glamorizing deadly cupcakes, and impromptu architecture admiration. The weather has been heating up so I won't lie, trekking through town as a hot robot becomes a much more literal term as the day progresses:)

Suit by Jeffie.com
Cylon pics by Simon Sinek
Food porn and city pics by my glorious Iphone
That's all y'all!


Breath of Life

witch hooded dress - Kill Star
Lace up boots - Guess by Marciano
Infinity belt - Fox and Owl
Hey dolls!
So this is my second Kill Star look, which has got to be the sickest witch dress I've ever had the pleasure of slipping on...and trust me I own quite a few;) I'm actually wearing it again as I type this...because let's face it, it's way too cool to take off. The exaggerated bell sleeves and dreamy draped hood is jaw dropping, all in a deep black...like a dark dream. I'll probably end up buying another just in case I wear this baby out. That happens to be one of my biggest fashion rules actually...if you love a piece to death and you can afford a duplicate, GO FOR IT! You never know what freak food spill or washing disaster might occur, so having a back up is a life saver. 
Be sure to check out all of the dark mystical pieces at www.killstar.com now!  


The Wolf

Magick Maxi Dress - Kill Star
Infinity belt - Fox and Owl

It's hard not to fall in love such a jaw dropping dress like the Kill Star Magick Maxi. With a sinister sweet combo of Egyptian print cross bred with dark details, it really embodies my style like no other. Paired with chunky ankle boots, a statement belt, and winged liner...and you are fucking ready to go yo. I shot in my favorite back alley location yet again, because these walls are just too disgustingly beautiful to ignore. At 11:30, with the sun merely peaking over the towering parking structures, you get the incredible palette of pale greys and brilliant mint greens showing through the chipped paint. As a photographer those details are crucial to me...so ya it makes me sound a bit looney :)
I'll be posting the second look from my Kill Star shoots early this week so stay tuned dolls!